Staying Grounded Amongst The Chaos..

Staying Grounded Amongst The Chaos..
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Creating A Sense of Stability When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart 

Let’s face it, you’re probably over-indulging in vices a busy schedule has kept you away from. Maybe you’ve been sucked into the Tik Tok matrix, committing your time to execute an overly complicated dance routine or challenge. However, this quarantine has forced the world to create a new sense of normal. While some may be working from home, others are enjoying this worldwide pause. Regardless of daily tasks, it can be difficult to feel productive, grounded, and positive during this time. Creating a routine – no matter how small the task, is sure to improve your mood, create a sense of productivity and encourage you to hold yourself accountable during a time when most of the world is virtually free.

1. Don’t start your day on social media or attached to your phone. 
Most people in the world are stuck in their homes. Aside from selfies, a hot topic, and a 20 slide instastory of someone cooking - You’re not missing anything. Take a few minutes when you wake up to stretch, make your bed and get your body moving. This simple routine of staying away from your phone when you first wake up encourages you to check-in with yourself without connecting with the outside world. Remaining present with your feelings and experience is important during a time where the world seems oddly chaotic and misplaced.

2. Sweatpants Lie. 
Sweatpants are comfortable but silently deceitful. Push yourself to get in “real clothes” a few times a week. This will boost your confidence and trick your mind into feeling put together. Also, don’t be fooled by comfortable elastic bands. Your appetite may expand but your favorite pair of jeans may be less forgiving of your new homebody habits.

3. Call someone you love 
Social distancing and self-quarantine can leave us feeling left out in the cold. The warm voice of someone you love is a sure way to put a smile on your face. Phone someone who lifts your spirits or whenever you think of someone, let them know! At least once a day or a few times a week, reach out to someone you love and share a good laugh. Routinely connect during these times. The small gesture will bring comfort and a gentle reminder, we’re all in this together.

4. Create a night routine 
 Less schedule restraints = Terrible sleep schedules. Catnaps are inevitable but creating a night routine (No matter the time you go to sleep), will slowly encourage your body to wind down. Grab a book, relax in a facemask, or play relaxing music. Your night routine will set you up for success the following day and have a time of the day where it’s all about you.

Although the world is changing you can find peace in the simple things. 

Stay Happy and Healthy!

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